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The Monument offered by Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija for Jose P. Rizal is one of the only four unique monument for this great hero wearing a Barong Tagalog. The other two monuments of Rizal in Barong Tagalog can be found in his hometown of Calamba, Laguna; the first is 9 ft tall and was created by Guillermo Tolentino, a National Artist for the Arts in 1961 while the other is located at the City College of Calamba. the fourth monument can be foun...
Published by Nobert Bermosa 55 months ago in Philippines | +1 votes | 0 comments
How do you celebrate “fiesta” in your hometown? Different places have different culture. One way of knowing or learning the culture of a particular place is to attend or witness their “festival”. In doing so, you’ll gain knowledge of their culture which includes their local history, foods and drinks and many others. Here is a List of Traditionally Celebrated Socio-cultural & Religious Festivity per Locality in the Historic Province of Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon i...
Published by Nobert Bermosa 55 months ago in Philippines | +1 votes | 0 comments
The most common souvenirs we usually bring home from a trip are the scores of pictures we had in every nook and corner of the places we visited. The pictures are memories sealed with our happy and excited faces as we go from one place to the other – taking in everything the places have to offer. But, if you visit Vigan, it’s not enough to bring home pictures with you riding a calesa (horse carriage) or a smiling shot of you at an old house at the cobblestoned Heritage Village.
Published by BlogWriter 60 months ago in Philippines | +2 votes | 0 comments
Travel to 3 of the best locations in Northern Philippines where you can visit great sites and taste great food. Visit Pagudpud Ilocos Norte, Vigan City Ilocos Sur and Paoay Ilocos Norte and learn not only about their beauty but also about their culture and history.
Published by BlogWriter 61 months ago in Philippines | +0 votes | 1 comments
Are you planning a trip to Sabang in Puerto Princesa to see the underground river? It will be worthwhile to stop by a nearby river when you get to the rendezvous area to enjoy the mangrove paddle boat tour. Visiting the mangroves will enable tourists to get a glimpse of a typical pristine forest that reminds one of the state of the environment during the 1960s.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 61 months ago in Philippines | +9 votes | 3 comments
An archipelago comprising of 7,107 islands, the Philippines abounds of natural wonders ranging from lofty mountain peaks plummeting to the dark depths of subterranean worlds. It is also one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world with over 100 mammal species and 170 bird species unique only to the country. Enjoy a tour to some of the best nature's treasures of the Philippines.
Published by Eddie Go 62 months ago in Philippines | +13 votes | 7 comments
Baguio city is a highly urbanized city located in Northern Luzon. The city is at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and it was declared as the Summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool weather. The city is not only known for its cool weather but also of its magnificent tourist spots worth visiting and the warm hospitality of the Cordillera People.
Published by Teddy Sy 62 months ago in Philippines | +6 votes | 1 comments
Intramuros is a historic and oldest district center of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is also called the Walled City. This bastioned Intramuros was the seat of the government during the Spanish Colonial Period. The Latin word intramuros means ‘within the wall’ and beyond the walls of Manila were referred to as extramuros meaning “outside the wall.”
Published by Ron Siojo 62 months ago in Philippines | +33 votes | 9 comments
What makes this years' Eid ul Fitr more interesting is that it has the chance to fall on Monday, August 20, 2012, which will create a 4-day long weekend from August 18 (Saturday) to August 21 (Ninoy Aquino Day). It has also a chance to fall on a Sunday, August 19, which means no long weekend.
Published by Richie Montalbo 64 months ago in Philippines | +1 votes | 0 comments
The Underground River in Puerto Princesa City is one of the well-known tourist destinations. The tourist influx increased when it is included in the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This article provides information for tourists who would like to see the magnificent beauty and have a feel of the relaxing ambiance of the place.
Published by J. Dollente 65 months ago in Philippines | +8 votes | 5 comments
All VAT registered entities are mandated to add the value added tax in their sales to customers. Clients or customers who claim that their VAT should be zero rated should provide the seller documents as required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue to serve as proof that indeed their business is value added tax, zero rated.
Published by Marie A. 65 months ago in Philippines | +6 votes | 4 comments
A brief and delicious review of Al-Sham's Middle Eastern/Pakistani restaurant, located in BF Homes, Paranaque. This restaurant gives you the most bang for your buck with their royally exquisite dishes and quality customer service. Simply take the time to go there and experience the best middle eastern cuisine you'll ever know.
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The Philippines, a republic, is headed by a President elected by majority of Filipino qualified voters for a term of six years. His official residence is the Malacañan Palace which is more popularly known as Malacañang. In the Filipino language, it is “Palasyo ng Malakanyang”. Here are some of the most historical and interesting facts about the Philippine President’s “official residence”.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 65 months ago in Philippines | +4 votes | 2 comments
he Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands which is home to white sandy beaches, a handful of virgin forests, beautiful caves and natural formations, fascinating marine life and world class diving spots, and a lot of other natural wonders. With several thousand islands, you can expect a variety of sub-cultures and touring the main islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao will truly satisfy your cultural curiosity.
Published by forstine carter 65 months ago in Philippines | +1 votes | 1 comments
Ilocos Sur is a great place for a vacation. Vigan is a city located here and it is a historic place with 16th century Spanish houses and many other Spanish style buildings. You can tour the city in a horse drawn carriage called a caritelo. The ride is great. You can visit the Vigan Cathedral which is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.
Published by norlaw 66 months ago in Philippines | +0 votes | 0 comments
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