Baguio City: Summer Capital of the Philippines
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Baguio City: Summer Capital of the Philippines

A trip to the summer capital of the Philippines which is Baguio City. Also called the city of pines, join me as I go visit Baguio City.

Declared as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on September 9, 1909, Baguio City is known for its cold climate. People, especially during summer, go to Baguio City to escape the suffocating heat. Even if the city has been devastated by a strong earthquake on July 16, 1990, and lately by the typhoon Pepeng on October 2009 causing mudslides, landslides and floods which caused tragic deaths, Baguio City, standing strong as ever, has survived it all and is still attracting tourists up to now.

Baguio City is nestled within the Cordillera Central mountain range in Northern Luzon and is enclosed by the province of Benguet. Baguio City has natural beautiful sights that many of us have just ignored. The pine trees, the long and winding roads, the mountains, the clouds that have descended to kiss the earth, and many more that captivate the eyes of the beholder. One reason that makes Baguio city famous is its cool, refreshing air and its temperature which could go down to 12 degrees or even 7 degrees Celsius, hence the title of Summer Capital of the Philippines. If you are used living in a country that has cold climate and you happen to stay for a vacation in some hot places in the Philippines like Manila, the heat may be overwhelming to you and Baguio City is the place where you might want to be.

Some people from the lowlands would also prefer spending their vacation in Baguio City during the year-end holidays. This is for them to experience the cold temperature they rarely get from their home provinces. Also, during the summer season especially during the Holy Week, tourists from all over the country would flock to the city. During this time, the total number of people in the city would double.  The temperature ranges from 21-23 degrees Celsius during summer in the city.  The city market also offers one a wide array of locally sourced goods and products: everything from colorful woven fabrics and hand-strung beads to primitive wood carvings, cut flowers, strawberries and "Baguio" vegetables which are fresh from the gardens.  Strawberry jam and peanut butter contribute also in making Baguio City a popular tourist destination.

Here are some photos that I took while having a trip to Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines and also called the city of pines.

This is Naguilian road going up to Baguio which was destroyed by typhoon Pepeng and currently under construction.

A view along the highway, overlooking some green mountains.

Burnham Park, named after the city's planner which was Daniel Burnham and isl ocated at the center of the city. Around this lake are different facilities for recreation and relaxation such as the skating rink, the park, and the biking area.

Baguio City's busy road which leads to the Center Mall where you can find different kinds of shops and department stores.

Shoe Mart or SM, one of the main places where people, especially of Northern Luzon, go for shopping.

Overlooking Baguio City, also called the city of pines, from SM mall.  The sight is breathtaking.

Going back home, we passed this view where the it is awesome.  The puffy clouds that look like giant cottons covered the mountains and also the village that is within the area. It was about 5:30pm.

It was almost six o'clock and.  The fog makes it colder than it already was.

The clouds have already totally covered the mountains as dusk settles in.  We were passing via Nagulian road as this picture was taken.

Spending a day at Baguio City is so exciting and tiring at the same time.  Sometimes walking can get you to your destination faster than riding a taxi.  Traffic is one thing you can't avoid if you prefer to take a ride.  Baguio City is reached either by land or air transportation.  You can refer to if you are planning to go to the summer capital of the Philippines which is Baguio City.

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Comments (7)

wowowowowow!..The BEST!,, I LIKE THE PHOTOS!.. AND I NEED TO HAVE A VISIT TOO!.. HAHAHA..Nice article

Ranked #1 in Philippines

Cool article, its now freezing out there now because of the cold front, thank you Aileen.

Ranked #21 in Philippines

It is, sir Ron. Even the vegetables in the garden are frozen according to the news.

thanx for the interesting stuff on the philippines...i spent so much time there, i regard it as my second home!...i have recently returned home after a six month stay in san fran cisco, mindanau, while on an exploration project searching for gold near borobo...i love the place and the people, but i dont cope too well with the heat, and the food...hope to see u there sometime, i will be going back soon...regards, jay...

oh yes, i should tell you, I ATE BALUT!!...amazingly not bad...

SORRY, ME AGAIN...check out my wall photos on facebook...some good pics of my travels in that beautifull land...

Beautiful images.