Filipino Superstitions on Luck
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Filipino Superstitions on Luck

A short list of Filipino superstitious beliefs related to luckÂ…

I have previously presented Filipino Superstitions on Death. Another aspect of life that Filipinos have many superstitious beliefs is luck. According to customs, certain practices must be done to invite happiness, prosperity and good luck over to your home. On the other hand, some things must never be done to prevent bad luck. Amazingly, not only people in the barrios and rural areas observe these practices, but even people in the big metropolitans. These superstitions may not be unique to the Filipinos, as many facets of their culture are influenced by many nations like the Chinese, Indian and Spanish with whom the ancient Filipinos had first dealt with.

Well, here are some of the most common superstitions about luck that Filipinos believe in:

  • At weddings, guests throw rice at the newlyweds as they exit the church. This shall bring prosperity to the couple throughout their life, as well as good children.
  • After the wedding, the bride throws her bouquet and all maids in the ceremony are given chance to catch it. The one who catches it shall be in the next one to get married, and it shall be very soon.

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  • One should open his window early in the morning so that grace will come in. The fresh morning and the bright sunlight is good luck.
  • A baby born with a big birthmark on its body will be a lucky child.
  • A baby born with an extra finger is lucky.
  • The placenta should be buried so that the baby will not be a problem child.
  • If a baby cries during his baptism ceremony, it will have a long life.
  • A person with big ears will have a long life.
  • Parents with a child who is a deaf mute are lucky.
  • If one’s palm becomes itchy, he will receive some money. The more the itch, the greater the fortune to come.

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  • Likewise, if a green or brown butterfly flies inside and around the house, great fortune will befell on the owner of the house. The color green and brown signify bills and money.
  • If a bird flies over your head and its droppings fall on your head, a good fortune or money will also come to you.
  • When one sees a snake crossing the street, he will have good luck.
  • Wishing on the first star that one sees in the evening will make that wish come true.
  • Do not sweep your floor at night. You might also sweep away the good luck and fortune.

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Comments (15)

Very interesting.Thanks.

Thank you for this educational article.

Very interesting once again!

Wonderful and interesting presentation on the amazing culture of Filipinos. Thanks for educating us.

True or not, the supersticions are interesting

Excellent work and interesting information . . . Voted up.

Excellent reading. I wish my palms would itch more.

I wonder if these things are really well founded.

Patrick, I believe the rice at a wedding, was to ensure the couple always had a supply of rice - so in the beginning there was a good reason - if I am correct.

@ Jill, u r ryt...eww..yaw k maiputan ng bird kahit good luck siya..hehehehe

Reading this is very amusing for me. The bouquet of flowers rice you mentioned always seemed like cliche for me because I have seen it happen in lots of movies locally and internationally.

Thanks for sharing this great piece of work.

Enjoyed this one! Some of these superstitions sound so familiar. Nice read. hanks for posting

Great job, and my good luck continue to follow you! Voted!

Minamalas daw yung naniniwala sa swerte eh. Good work!