Review of Dolce Superclub in Timog, Quezon City
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Review of Dolce Superclub in Timog, Quezon City

A brief review of Dolce Superclub, located in Quezon City, Philippines.

 Dolce Superclub, one of the major clubs you can find in Timog, Quezon is a fine place to lay back amidst all what the week has done for you in terms of hard work and commitment in the office. If you're from Quezon City, that's easy for you to reach, just hail a cab, head to Timog and tell the cabbie "Dolce at Timog" please. it's near a rotunda so you won't miss it basically. Coming from the south, it isn't that far, but it's nice to see QC scenery at that time. The concrete Jungle, the foreigners partying, the preppy kids having a hot latte from a famed coffee shop nearby. Even so, with all preparation and fun imbued in that very night i stepped foot inside the club, I felt the Zest and Zing in the atmosphere. It is said to be the "Embassy/Encore" for the North (of Manila), though It's rather more that it's a unique club to chill around. Now for the reviews:

1. Ambiance - 

Good hip-hop songs, check. Good trance songs, check. Awesome patrons, check. Cute foreigners as patrons, double check. Overall awesomeness, quintuple check! As I can say about Dolce's Ambiance, it gives off an impression of a laid-back super club rather than the edgy portrayal at other clubs these days, the crowd just fits snug like a bug in a rug. The pace is moderate and well it's got a lot of flashy lights so yeah, it's cool. It's cold as in "polar cold" that's good for beers, laughs, camaraderie and more drinking.

2. The Crowd -

From young professionals, foreign exchange students, party goers, and cool people come together to simply have a drink, have a chat and maybe hook up for once. In all summarization, everyone's cool here to hang around with, and at some days there are special events which are cool in it's entirety. 

3. The Camaraderie - 

The Dance floor(Basically a runway) can give you the opportunity to dance along at times when the want arises. Looking from afar with your homeboys chilling amidst the midnight sky with a few girls to hang around with and you see one of your new friends dance like crazy with some cool guy from the runway. Truly this makes the night complete for most club goers here; the music might be loud, but the camaraderie keeps the friends ever louder. 

Overall, in summarization of all this: Dolce Superclub is one of the best weekend hangouts whenever you're heading up North to Quezon City.

Comments are appreciated.

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