The Frog Festival in San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines
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The Frog Festival in San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines

The San Fernando Frog Festival takes place in Pampanga in the Philippines every October of the year. It is often referred to as Piestang Tugak in the San Fernando,Pampanga. This article discusses the various events held during the event.

The San Fernando Frog Festival takes place in Pampanga in the Philippines every October of the year. It is often referred to as Piestang Tugak in the San Fernando,Pampanga. The festival started in 2003 and was geared at conserving and promoting the unique tradition of Kapampangans. This annual celebration’s main goal is to further awareness, appreciation and understanding of the tradition with various activities. The place organizes Piestang Tugak to promote different frog traditions.During piestang tugak, events such as paduasan,various culinary events featuring Pampanga's unique frog cuisine, and the frog olympics. 


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Paduasan is a competition in catching frogs wherein the contestants use a traditional way of catching frogs. Before in the early days, when the rain comes, while the elders are planting rice the kids would catch frogs. This practice eventually evolved into a specialized technique and skill. In performing padausan, the person uses paduas which is a bamboo rod. A worm called bulateng tudtud or sleeping worm is attached in the end of the string. When the frog bites it, its tongue gets entangled with the worm and the person will be able to hurl up the frog in the air and let it fall in the net which is called panyapu.

Betute (Fried Frog stuffed with ground pork)

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This is one of the Kapampangan exotic foods which is served during the Frog Festival. Betute is basically deep fried stuffed frogs. Kapampangans show pride with their betute because of its uniqueness. . This can be attributed to the fact that the frogs they use as main ingredient for this delicacy are rice field frogs, which eat small insects. These are actually larger than the normal frogs that are sold for food in most wet markets. However, smaller sized frogs are still good enough to make betute.

Frog olympics

This event includes various of activities such as longest jump (jumping like a frog) , dressing up your frog competition and of course frog race. 

Frog Mascot Contest

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To celebrate further, City of San Fernando Pampanga conducts a frog mascot contest wherein different schools from the city makes a frog mascot and performs. The photo above was the champion during the Frog Mascot Contest 2011. The mascot who was worn by Timothy Reyes a student representing the Information and Communication Technology High School successfully won for the 3rd time giving the school the Grand Slam. 

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Nice Work! Promoting ecotourism in the Philippines. Happy Holidays!

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I am with Gerald. Nice work as usual Jerome.