The Unique Wet Land Of Agusan Marsh In Philippines
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The Unique Wet Land Of Agusan Marsh In Philippines

The Unique Wet Land Of Agusan Marsh In Philippines

Agusan Marsh is just a newly found tourist spot in the Philippines. This unique wet land of Agusan Marsh in the Philippines is actually one of the largest wetlands in the country. It is located in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. Agusan Marsh is well known for its vast lake wherein one can see several species of birds, fishes, plants, and also groups of a certain tribe in Mindanao.

The place is significant in different aspects like in its natural resources, natural beauty, different kinds of animals, and a unique culture of people living in it. The place is nearly as wide as the capital of the Philippines-Manila with an area of 14,835.989 hectares. And it has the 15% fresh water resources in the Philippines. So, this is a very wide lake especially during rainy seasons.

Aside from the vast area of water, one can also see different species of birds coming from the other countries like Japan, Russia, China, and other countries from Northern Asia. These birds will come in this place during winter season from those countries. No wonder, they can escape the chilly or cold winds from their places and that they can find lots of food found in Agusan Marsh. Some of these birds are ducks, herons, egrets, kingfisher, hawk, and others.

The foods that these birds are up to are the wonderful plants like water lilies and other plants; at the same time the abundant fishes like Cat Fish, Carp, Tilapia, and other mud fishes. Accordingly, crocodiles are also present in the lake. However, there were no reports of any violence regarding it.

Moreover, in terms of its plants, one can see many beautiful “bonsai” trees which are being naturally crafted by nature. Bonsai trees are small trees which are very beautiful to look at. Some of these are being done by people, but others are really just natural. Some water lilies and other water plants are also present there. Different flowers could also be seen.

And most of all, you can see a very unique culture of a tribe or a group of people living in Marsh Land. These people are actually indigenous; but are great enough to survive while living in a place of vast water. Just imagine, they are living in a house which is “floating”? These floating houses are simply made out of bamboos, round timbers, and other woods. They use boats for their transportation and for their works. Their main source of living is through fishing from the lake itself. So, in short, their lives are just revolving within that lake.

These groups of people are now being supported by the government and by the foreigners who visited the place. The government gave some floating schools, floating stores, and some floating libraries for the children. Some foreigners gave speed boat and other gadgets for better transportations; and they donated money for the development of the place itself. Accordingly, floating restaurants and floating hospitals are among those projects being planned by the foreigners who supported the place.

This interest of both local inhabitants as well as foreigners is just a proof that Agusan Marsh is a unique wet land in the Philippines. There are so much unique stories and amazing views in the place. Therefore, this place is truly a great sanctuary with a beautiful scenic beauty.


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Comments (6)

Interesting. Does this mean there are still unexplored areas of the Philippines?

Ranked #8 in Philippines

Yes James. Philippines has lots of islands with many mountain and forests. Sometimes, becuase of this geographical factor, it is hard for the government to directly spot some beautiful places. Even me, I lived in the capital of Agusan del Sur before, but I wasn't able to visit there until I moved here in Luzon. But, I saw videos which are really great.

Ranked #1 in Philippines

Great presentation about our homeland, kudos!

Very informative La Verne. I didn't know this.

Ranked #8 in Philippines

Thanks Jerry,Ron, and James.:)